Changing the Climate

No, this post is not about global warming. Not even close. This post is about changing the climate within our societies or communities. For example, how do we go about changing the culture within our friend circle? How do we go about changing the culture within our communities? Changing the culture within society is a much, much larger monster and I am in no way ready to tackle that argument, so I will stay away from it for now.

This problem involves quite a bit of sociology in order to break down and effectively solve. Am I a sociologist? No. I’ve only been reading Ten Questions for a few weeks now, but I feel like I need to start off my conversation somewhere, and this could be the proper starting point. Don’t reading this expecting a shift in your way of thought, just read it as if you’re reading Cat in the Hat.

Humans are social beings. What does that mean? It means that we are not isolated individuals. We live in a world where some sort of socialization is going on. Keep in mind that the meaning of socialization should not be limited to direct interaction-many factors are at play.

Socialization is the process by which the various representatives of society -parents, teachers, political leaders, religious leaders, the news media-teach people the ways of society and, in so doing, form their basic qualities” (Charon, 32).

Take a minute to understand that definition. Now also understand that all the things listed after different in every society or community. As each society functions, different patterns are created as a result of these factors. A consistent implementation of these patterns leads to a culture being created. What the culture in turn does is maintain those social patterns. It becomes a cycle.

I realize that I am going to make a jump, but I don’t want to make this a long post. Hopefully this invokes some sort of interest in the discussion and those reading can do some sort of research on their own.

To change the culture, means to change the social patterns. It means changing the patterns which shape the beliefs, values, and rules of the society or community. This process would have to involve the breaking of a mold that has already hardened, and having these new social patterns form a different one. For example, it would mean changing the patterns within the news and media that have already created stable homes within the minds of the masses. Changing the social patterns doesn’t simply involve relaying and idea, it involves a heavy dose of implementation.

When a new culture has been created, that will lead to the maintaining of new social patterns. A different cycle will replace the one of the past. If through a shift in social patterns a community starts to read more, then the culture of reading will now become a value to that community. Values don’t just simply change willy-nilly, it requires chiseling into the rock and changing the face of what is currently there. It requires changing the condition of the soil.

If you want to change the culture, you have to change the pieces that make it function the way it does. Will it take time? Of course. Is it easy? No. It’s a process.

*This write-up is probably flawed in many areas. I would definitely appreciate feedback as it would give me a chance to change the way I view the basics of the issue at a first glance.